Tuesday, August 26, 2008

a much needed DATE night!

hey everyone whats up?
Last night logan and i went out on a date, no Kason.
Seriously last time we did this was back in May.
And i counted lastnight, Kason has only been left with a sitter or family like 6 times maybe less.
its not that we dont trust anyone, or we dont want our alone time, its just Kason was easily portable. we could take him anywhere in his carseat and he would sleep through movies, dinner, etc. etc. but now he has out grown his seat and loves to talk, climb stairs, and play with anything he can get his hands on.
So it was nice to go out.
THANK YOU BROOKE!! my friend Brooke took kason for the night so we could do the typical dinner and a movie and it was AWESOME!
I got a giftcard from my Dad (thank you dad you are amazing) to go out and eat. We went to Olive Garden (my fav) and just had fun, no diets, no kiddo, just us.
I had my all time favorite there, The 5cheese ziti alforno. I get it with Alfredo sauce instead of the red stuff. the pic above is the chicken alfredo which is not what i had but still yummy. Logan had the never ending pasta bowl and has a few different ones and loved it. of course we had lots of BREADSTICKS!

another one of our favorite foods! :)
We then headed over to the Capital Mall and went to the movies. We wanted to see The Dark knight but we ended up staying too long at the resteruant and missed it, and the only thing on was THE ROCKER and i wasn't too excited. But we went ahead and got tickets and watched it, and i gotta tell you it was WAY WAY better than i thought it was going to be. It was so funny and just good ol non thinking movie to laugh at. and i really liked the music in it. I told logan i wanted the soundtrack and he agreed! so im sure that will be on our shopping list sooner or later.
The best part was that Kason was perfect for brooke, no crying, ate all his food, played well with her daughet and went to bed with no crying! yay Kason!
So we are going to make this a regular thing and switch off and on with Brooke and Rob and watch Breanna for watching Kason and then do it again!

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Amy said...

glad that you had a good time! :)

When we tried to see The Dark Knight on Saturday - it was sold out. :(