Thursday, August 21, 2008

need an update?

yeah so its been a LONG time oops.. sorry. gotten busy here.
lets see....
We have had some nice weather and i have taken Kason swimming ALOT. he loves it. We have gone to the Lake a few times as well as the pool. At the pool i have let him "swim" all by himself. Its the whole "natural swimming" thing. Babies are natural swimmers so i have been reading about letting them swim and they all say just let the baby go and they will bob down in the water and then float back up within seconds. So i tried the first time FULL of nerves and he did great and liked it. Since then we have done it a few times and he still does great and loves it. He kicks and tries to blow bubbles as well :)
We went to the zoo the other day. My friend Brooke came with us with her little Girl Breanna and the little guy she watches (Zach) we all had fun and Kason loved the playground they have at the zoo in Tacoma. our "train" of kiddos. Yeah we looked great! it was funny and kinda rude at the same time. We were walking back to the cars when some guy who passed muttered "do you think you have enough" i wanted to say NOPE I WANT 10 MORE! some people goodness! lolKason chillin in the stroller! He is getting SO big! Kason is 100% boy. Where ever we go he will always find a stick, bark, grass or a leaf to play with!He loves to climb the stairs so it was no surprise when he was all over this "rock" at the playground at the zoo. up and down and all around it!and of course a mommy and kason shot! i love it! so us.
So next week Kason turns 11 months... WHOA! he is getting so big!!!
things he does now-
-He was just weighed on Monday and he is 21lbs 14oz!!
-He moved up to a Toddler car seat!!
-Eats table food only now and loves it
-Mostly drinks from sippy cups-bottles only during the night
-crawls EVERYWHERE and fast!
-moved up into a size 4 shoe
-still a size 3 diaper
-wears 6-9 month clothes
-loves to talk
-has three teeth
-getting 7 teeth as we speak (yeah its been great...)
-pulls up on everything
-walks all around with his push toy
im sure there is more but thats what you get now! lol :)
oh also... im doing the biggest loser again with my mom and sister. Its in the middle of week two and i have lost 8lbs! yay go me!
i am also doing the couch to 5k program and lovin it. its a program to get you running a 5k in 9 weeks.. starts nice and slow switching from running to walking and then progressivly slows does more running each week.

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