Tuesday, September 02, 2008

labor day weekend!

Hey everyone hope you all had a great three day weekend! for me it was 4 days! YAY! I left thursday night and headed up to Dosiwallups where we camp every year for labor day. This is a tradtion my family has done since i was REALLY little and since then it has grown from a few of us to about 50!! It was bittersweet though, Logan had to work the whole weekend so Kason and i treked up there alone. He did join us late sunday night and all Monday! yay! that was great! overall it was a great weekend! we enjoyed being with eachother, playing games, snacking, taking walks, hiking, and of course swimming in the COLD water!
Okay so this is blurry but its of my Grandpa McGuire who HATES getting his picture taken so i will take what i can get!!Kason trying to climb up my lega lovely shot of myselfand this is Andrew. My adorable hyperactive crazy wild child nephew!
My sister Amy and her youngest Hannahme and Maegan with our famous crazy upclose and personal pictures!
my brother in law Eric with Hannah his youngest! (maegan took this picture)our family loves to play games and the little ones joined in!Kason loved the corn hole game or otherwise known as the bean bag game! he kept sticking the monkey down the hole. here he is with uncle Steve!
and an upclose shoton sunday we went on our annual hike. We did a loop about 3.5 miles and it was fun. we had 5 adults and 10 kids!Thats my dad with Steve and Andrew in the backgroundKason on my back in the wrapadam and brinnon! he totally loved the hike and enjoyed every minute of it!Andrew on our cousin Scotty's shoulders. Scott was a champ and carried andrew the WHOLE time!our view most of the hike-main reason why Logan and i love washington!looking upthe canopy was so thick that when it began to rain we didnt really get wet at alland Brinnon at the end of the Hike. He was so happy!and this is the waterfall. We go here every year when we go camping. its just minutes away from our site. Its beautiful and its ICE cold. Of course we went swiming! What's our annunal trip without swimming in the freezing water and going numb?someone had put a log under some big boulders and stuck it out into the main pool area which is about 8feet deep. so of course we used it as a diving board and jumped off! here i am.and there goes adam!and there goes Scott!and here is my dad going up the side while we swam... and a bit of matthew's head! oopsand the three of us! the only ones brave enough to go into the water (or shall i say dumb enough lol) the water fall is two parts. there is what we call the bathtub which up about 10 feet and the main part of the falls goes into it and its about 3 feet deep and about 5-6feet wide. its awesome. then there is the pool area where all the water goes down into before it goes down the river. and of course a naked baby shot with dannon! kason loved it and we really had a great time, and can't wait for next year!


Coleen said...

Awww how fun!! I forgot about the Labor Day camping! That was my last big thing I did with you guys before moving back to Utah that next weekend. Blah.

Looks like fun! I should scan in the pictures I have from the same camping trip 7 years ago :-)

Nadeau Family said...

That looked like a lot of fun! We need to go on a camping trip with you guys next year...I guess that's only if we can get Logan a better job where he doesn't have to work every night & weekend!

Amy said...

good times!!!

The Weston's said...

Hey Laura! Of course I remember you! I'm glad you found my blog...so that I can see yours! Your family is so cute! You seem like you're the best mom! And man, you're little boy is cute!! Do you mind if I add you as one of my friends, so I can keep looking at your blog?