Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hair Clippies!!

Hey everyone!! My friend Brooke and I have gone into a bussiness together making kids stuff and our first few products have been hair clippies!!
We do custom orders
will ship (payment through paypal)
They are all handmade hand stitched
Fray resistant
and creative!
if you are interested or know anybody that is please email me!! id love to see this bussiness go far. we will be making hair bows, hair bands, binky clips, baby blankets, burp rags, hats, booties, nursing covers, etc. etc.
thank you in advance!
these clips are only 6.00$ a pair! :)
my email is-


AmyG said...

super cute! :)

I need one with the polka dot ribbon! are you selling on etsy?

Jodi Elwell said...

hey, its Jodi.(amy's friend) I love it all. So very cute.

The Riggle's said...

so...where are the birthday pictures???????? working has never stopped you from posting before!!!!!!!