Friday, September 12, 2008

Do the Puyallup!!

Its that time of year again!!
I love the Puyallup fair its so much fun. My family usually all gets together and we go together on a weekend, well this year with Logan's work schedule he wasn't going to be able to do that so we decided that we were going to go Wednesday and Kason and I will go again on the 20th with my family.
It was tons of fun. We didn't get there until after I got off work and battled through traffic. We got there about 6:30pm and went straight to the best burgers EVER!
Earthquake Burgers are HUGE, gooey and messy and we love them! we got the double cheese with onions all over it.. YUMMA! we split it, thats how huge it is and we are FULL afterwards too. so good. I love fair food.
We then walked around the convention area for a bit looking at the different booths and etc. and then we stopped by Cow Chip cookies and got a bull chip. Of course Kason had to have his first cow chip!!Kason with his sticker!!his very first bite!and this is the bull chip. their large cookie. note that my son has a pretty good size head and that cookie dwarfs it!
next we made our way to the free milk. Usually its Wilcox giving out yummy samples of their chocolate and regular milk, but they went out of bussiness around here and Darigold took over this part of the fair.
Kason about to have his very first drink of "moo juice" as my Grandpa Martinson calls it. this is chocolate flavor!his first taste....And this is his approval!! he loved it and drank a whole sample cup-okay not very big but still!Logan trying to give him another drink, but Kason being so impatient (wonder were he gets that?? lol) he is grabbing logan's hand and pulling it to his mouth!
After that we met up with Rae and Jess!!! it was awesome to see them again and hang out all night!! Alot of fun!
here we are!! being the total dork i am, the only picture i got of Jess was a funny face picture that she would prolly kill me if i put it up! lol
we walked around and looked at the animals and tried to go to the petting zoo, but it close just as we got there so we will have to hit that up next time. We then played games, Logan's favorite thing to do at the fair. We all played skee ball and won these funny looking dogs that were so fat and round looked more like pigs! Logan and i traded our two for this tiger!which of course we gave to Kason and he LOVED it! Logan also won Kason a lizzard and its super cute! Kason acutally has slept with it a few times already and holds it while in the car! and a picture of us! its blurry but oh well! we took it our selves!
all in all it was a great night! it was nice to spend it with logan and kason, but as well with Rae and Jess too! :)

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