Monday, September 08, 2008

meet sassy!

The family i nanny for got a new kitten! Last year when their beloved cat, Sammy, ran away i gave them a kitten from Logan's mom's place. This cat was to become one of the most loveable, tolerant cats known to man kind. as a kitten he would allow Addie to pick him up by his tail and run around with him. As he got older he let Ethan dress him up, put him in playhouse made out of boxes and played with Dannon all the time. Well over labor day weekend the family went out of town, and poor Alex (the new cat) got lost. we cant find him and so a week went by and Ethan realized that he was gone. This poor kid. Alex was like his best friend, animal wise. they loved eachother and it was super sad. So over the weekend they went to the Animal shelter and adopted sarsaparilla aka SASSY! okay so i have only meet her a few hours ago, but im in love. she tolerates the kids 100% lets them pick her up, poke her, etc. etc. etc. and Kason thinks she's a new toy but she never scratches them or anything! she is only a couple months old and beautiful! here is a picture or two of the cutie!

i just love tuxedo kitty's! and those blue eyes!

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Amy said...

very cute