Wednesday, March 11, 2009

busy bee

these last few weeks have been busy busy busy!
on my sisters blog she stated that march for her is march madness and not because of the basketball stuff going on.. its march madness because in just her family (hubby and kids) there are 4 birthdays in march. Maegan (the oldest girl), Matthew (the oldest), her's and Hannah's (the youngest) and barely missing the march madness is her hubby's birthday on April 1st. So we have attended 3 parties already, went out to dinner, and had a family dinner at my parents for our birthdays. That was all within a week of eachother.
That's busy busy.
PLUS (yes there is more) my birthday is this Friday and my moms is Monday!!! seriously BUSY! crazy busy!
So with making presents this year (I'm trying to save money and use my beloved sewing machine as much as possible) and going to all the parties and dinner's we have been on the go and so busy its insane... now that there is a break until Hannah's party i am really happy about it and getting some things done that i have wanted to work on for a while now.
First off here are some pictures of Kason and other things:Kason has totally gotten into "playing" video games. We had Andrew over a few weeks ago and we wanted to play the "yoshi" game on our super Nintendo and since then Kason likes to get out the remotes and play. Our new car! This is why we went to Canada. Its a 2005 Ford Taruas and its amazing. Its perfect condition and got it for a great deal from logan's step moms mom. lol i know that sounds crazy lolKason loves to put things on his head. That day he thought this bag would be perfect. He would walk around like this for abit or he would cover his entire face with the bag and walk into somethingthe weather has been totally crazy.. as my neighbor put it we have been having "bi-polar" weather. This day it was sunny sunny sunny and i was outside with no jacket and flipflops and was just fine. we even played outside for a while and Kason didnt get cold!! But then the next day it froze... just yesterday we had snow and ice and everything else.. its insane!!
Saturday the 7th was a busy day. Friday i was up at my sisters house helping with Maegan's friend party and we spent the night, then Saturday Logan came up with my dad and we all helped with Matthew's friend party. Then logan and i drove home, i had stuff to do that the church for activity day girls, then we drove out to logan's moms house. which is an hour away. We needed to pick up our other car to sell it, but it wasnt driveable (battery dead and we had no time to charge it) so we played for a minute and left to go back home and up to tukwilla! lol we were everywhere that day.
These are two of Logan's mom and step dads dogs. This is Harley and Fergie. They love playing together.Kason sitting on Papa's tractor. They even started it up and it was LOUD andkason just sat there with a happy smile on his face.Kason loves to kick his boots off and wiggle his toes and laugh and giggle about it.
We then went home driving through the snow and got ready and dropped Kason off at Brooke's house so we could go out kidless! thanks Brooke!! We met at my parents and Amy and Eric, Adam and Carrie (with samantha) and Logan and I drove up to the Cheesecake Factory to celebrate Amy and mine's birhtday. We met our cousin Scott there. the crazy kid drove his motorcycle!! IT WAS FREEZING OUTSIDE! We had alot of fun even though it took forever and we got home super late.. it was YUMMY food and great company.Amy and I eating our desert we got cause we were the birthday girlies!Amy and Eric outside the Cheesecake Factory. Logan and I outside the cheesecake factory
Kason knows how to get up on everything now.. this is what i found when i came in from the kitchenHe even knows how to get the mouse and move it around!!

Art is really important to me. Its something i have to do or else i would go insane. I have art journals that i have filled for a few years now with paint, textures, pictures, papers and quotes that mean something to me. I have filled 2 big books and now im 1/3 of the way done with my third book. Here are some pages in my latest journal that i love love love
I am totally inlove with my sewing machine and thought i would paint it. and sew on it of course. pretty much speaks for itselfLogan first holding Kason.the cover. Thats a mushroom stamp i made from clay and carving it then sealing it with some clear spray stuff.
This journal means alot to me, they all do. I wanted to leave something behind for my great great greate great grandchildren to read and know who i was besides just my normal journal.
I also painted my entertainment center. Our entertainment center is plain brown. It works to hold the tv but its boring. it was givin to us and we are super grateful for that. now it just needed something... yeah that looks good.. It matches the other stuff in our living room. I love it (yes thats american idol on the tv)
lds pictures i promise
this was kason this morning.. cranky cranky. He is teething and i dont blame him for being cranky! this poor kid is getting his top molars AND his I-teeth AND some on bottom! REALLY?! does he need to do it all at once!! poor kid is a mess half the time!this is a regular face Kason makes now.. with his lips like that its pretty funny!!
also another reason Kason has been so fussy (and eating like a 10year old) is because he grew over 1.5 inches since JANURARY 3rd!! yeah seriously!!! He didnt do grow that much in 6months! i guess he is catching up now.
well folks i think i drowned you in enough pictures for today!

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Shawna said...

Laura! I love seeing your art in the non-digital form! You are so talented!