Wednesday, March 18, 2009

quick fix

I bought a canvas tote last year to get books from the library with. Well today when i grabbed it before we ran out the door to go to toddler reading group.. i realized its boring.
plain boring tan canvas.
Well Kason went down for a nap and i fixed the problem. Before. You can pick this up at walmart for a few bucks. sturdy and ready to go..i used felt and some brown material.. i want to say polyester but not 100% on that one. Just some scraps i had lying around. Here i cut them out and placed them where i wanted them to go.. then i pinned them down. I then zig zag stitched all around the figures.. i did one tree at a time.. first the green part, then the trunk. all ready to go stuffed with books!!
its not perfect and i like it that way.. character.

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Nadeau Family said...

Adorable! You do love those trees!