Thursday, March 05, 2009

mmm... rainbow goodness

-do you like cupcakes?
-do you like bright colors?
-do you like straight up fun yumminess?
I was surfing the net one day and came across this-
isnt that pretty?? (click on the picture for full details) picture from
Well i love cupcakes.. and i love St. Pattys day.. so why not make these for Pattys day in form of cupcakes??so cute huh?? yummy... but then you take off the wrapper and see...bright yummy colorscut open revealing all the layers and beauty!
i loved making these and eating them! just one... okay okay it was two!

The website linked above it a really cook tutorial about making these.. i just used a regular box of white cake and vanilla frosting. i also used my fingers and flattened the layers to make a more even stack of colors.
make it you will like it
oh also i used a different dye then showed.. i used the wilton gels in round containers.. they have no taste so these still take like yummy cake and not dye!

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Amy said...

Dang cool. I like it. :)