Friday, April 17, 2009

18 months

Hey everyone.. So Kason turned 18 months in March!!!
March 28th.
I was going to take his pictures but we were at my sister's during that week and i didn't bring my nice camera so i wanted to wait until we got home.. well the day before we were to leave my sisters Kason fell off of my sister's front step and hit his head against the cement.. poor kid.. got a NASTY bruise but other than that was totally fine. (freaked out and called the doctor and everything lol)
So i wanted to wait to take his 18 month pictures until the bruise went away and it was decent outside... well the bruise finally left on Monday and yesterday the weather was great... and what does he do? falls while playing outside and not only gets a bruise on his forehead but also skinned his nose..
am i ever going to get pictures of him WITHOUT bruises and scrapes?
So Monday is to be super nice... 18 month pictures here we come bruises or no bruises... lets hope none..
anywho i wanted to update on him and his stats from his checkup we had. This is mainly for me to remember him at this age.. so if you dont want to read it all don't feel like you have too lol

-Weight- 26.2 lbs (50%)
-Length- 30 and 5/8th inches(10%)
-His Asthma is doing great... he is down to just one puff of his medicine a day instead of 4 like he was a couple months ago.
-He is talking up a storm in gibber gabber but does say the following words:
wawa (water)
hi or hiya
ba (ball)
oggy (doggy)
uggy (yucky)
(i think there is more im just drawing a blank)
-can sign a few signs as well:
thank you
(working on cracker)
-He is a super good eater and defiantly has favorite foods:
-manderian oranges (will eat 2-3 at a time, more if id let him)
-breads (he's my carb baby)
-almost any fruit...
-fruit smoothies
-He is wearing size 12-18 size clothes.. some are too big... but mostly they fit well
-He wears a size 5 or 5.5 shoe.
-loves going to the park. his favorite is the swing and slide... loves to go down on his tummy (feet first) and giggles the whole way down
-loves, LOVES dogs. Will give them hugs and follow them around.. pretty entertaining lol Dannon doesnt think so though...

anywho.. i think i've written a book and i will post pictures soon! promise!!!


Rob, Brooke and Breanna said...

I hope his bruises and scrapes go away soon, but it's definitely that age where it happens ALL the time :)

Clara said...

Addie has the same problem and her nose is currently covered in scaps from skidding across the pavement on her poor little nose.