Monday, April 13, 2009


So happy late Easter everyone!!
Hope you all had a great time.
we did.
Friday night we went out to Logans mom's house and spent the night and then on Saturday we helped around the kitchen then went quading.
It was wet, drizzling, and not too nice out, but we really wanted to go out. So we layered on the clothes, put kason in the wrap we have and off we went quading with Logan's brother Rodney.
We lasted only 45 minutes i think, Kason fell asleep after 10. It was just too cold and wet. Kason was so bundled up that he was hot. Good thing.
We did see two deer though, pretty close up too.
That night we dyed eggs. Kason plopped a few in, and drew on one with a white crayon, but mostly sat there fussing because he wanted to play in the dye.Kason actually ate a few hard boiled eggs ( we made 40 but only dyed 10)
On Sunday we went to Stake confrence for the Elma stake. Kason walked the halls and screamed for 2 hours. He hated it. He has a really bad cold, and teething so he just wanted to go home. I cant blame him.
Everyone came over and we had yummy food and talked and watched Marley and Me. Super cute movie. Sad.
We then had an easter egg hunt. There were ones that were super easy just on the floor and on a shelf then there were ones a bit harder for Gabby and Colby who are 3.5 and then there were ones super hard for Alec who is 10. (notice the water on kason's pants.. he found a cup of water and thought he needed a bath)
we only got a few pictures of him hunting for the eggs.. stupid lighting and flash.. it caught him after the cute moments.. oh well. But he would find the eggs and instead of putting them in his bucket/basket he would open them up and candy would go flying! lol... he loved it thoughHere is Alec falling as he jumped up to get an egg up high.After he got his loot (a ton of eggs) he sat down and began eating his candy. Kason has had candy before but not alot.. a peice here or there even on Halloween. So he was in high heaven sitting there having no one telling him no while he ate and ate and ate jelly beans, peeps, chocolate, etc. etc. etc. Here he found a peep and ate it while putting his foot up on his bucket.
Enjoying his 2nd peep... he loved itHe has such funny faces sometimes! lolI am in love with this picture and it will be printed and framed and put by his picture of his feet from his birthday.eating a jelly beansome eggs after opening them and taking out all the candy and putting it in his bucket.eggs and a half eaten peep.. i love easter
Our nephew Connor (not on my side on logan's) (yes we have 2 connors) is 11 months and will be 1 on the 21st of this month! time flys!! He loves crawling around and eating the eggs.I couldnt help my self from taking tons of pictures. the lighting was perfect and with the color of the hardwood floors.. i was in heaven!
i love his shaggy hair.. super cuteand last but not least.. his legs.. super cute baby legs...
as you can tell overall easter was wonderful and we had a great time!
now back to my house.. it needs some serious cleaning.. will post tomorrow with pictures from my stay up at my sister's house last week

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Amy said...

So fun! Glad he enjoyed his first Easter! :)