Thursday, April 09, 2009

homemade birthday presents

So this year Logan and I decided to save money we would give all our nieces and nephews something homemade. we have 17 of them!! so presents can get pricey for us.
I didnt take pictures of the first three i made.. im lame i know
But for Matthew who turned 10 i made him a pillow case with sports fabric and bright orange trim
For Maegan, who turned 7, i made a crayon roll... have you seen those? they are pretty cool... google it...
For Hannah, who turned 2, i made a soft fabric quiet book from a premade kit pretty much.. it was simple and she loves it.
And today for Jehron who turned 7 on Tuesday!! i made a notebook holder/pencil holder... its for church so he can have everything together and he can draw, write, color etc.
AND i actually TOOK pictures!! check them out...It ties on the side with red ribbon.It holds 12 crayola colored pencils and two pens (or pencils) Next time i will make the pocket part for the pencils deeper... they stay in there, but i think it would look nicer with deeper pockets.
There is a pocket for the back of the notebook to slide into to keep it in place so it doesn't fall out or anything.
I came up with this out of my head and im really proud of how it turned out! i hope he likes it! :)


Amy said...

That is dang cute! Can I have one? :) Maybe I'll be more reverent during Sacrament meeting....

Rob, Brooke and Breanna said...

that is really cute! great work, i'm very impressed, and what a great way to save money, yet still be able to give fun and awesome gifts! you're so creative.

Amy G said...

very cute!