Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Hey everyone! I'm having a blast in Washington! the kids are keeping me movin! lol yesterday was the 4th and we had a blast. we went up to Grandma McGuires and had a yummy picnic and hung out with everyone. Made a quick trip to get fireworks, and then headed on home to light them off. The kids had fun lighting the little kiddy ones off, especially Matthew. Andrew was not as pleased by them... i think it was mostly the neighbors lighting on rounds of 100 crackers at a time... but he also only had a 30 min nap that day as well... so he eventually went inside with grandma and fell asleep quickly.. here are some pictures of everyone enjoying their day. first picture is Andrew of course... he insisted on wearing the glasses while the fireworks went off... comfort i guess :) the second one is just some fireworks the neighbors set off. third picture is of another cool picture of fireworks... The fourth is Adam with about 12 or more sparklers spinning around i thought it turned out super cool!! The 5th picture is Matthew with his punk... he had such a great time with the fire works and lighting them off with the help of Grandpa. The last one is of Maegan and Grandpa holding a sparkler... lets just say as soon as it burned about 1/4 of the way she would freak out and throw it on the ground! lol well hope everyone had a great Holiday!!
Maegan wanted to say something to her mommy and daddy: I love you and miss you. Matthew misses you too and Andrew. Laura misses you too. Have fun in Hawaii!


Amy said...

cute pictures!!! that one of andrew made me laugh so hard - i miss them!!!

looks like you guys had a good time for the 4th :)

logan mcgee said...

i love you and miss you I hope you are having fun I love and miss you love logan