Friday, January 20, 2006


Hey everyone, whats up? Just wanted to take a little time to fill you in about the past month or so lol! Logan and I were blessed to go home for Christmas, so we packed up and we headed out Thursday night 22nd of Decemember and stayed the night at my cousins house in Boise. Early morning we heading out and started our long drive to Olympia, Washington... well that was short lived when 20 minutes outside of Boise, Id our truck spun across the big grassy median and ended up sideways along the opposite side of the highway, then clipped by another car. THankfully we are okay our car is okay and the other car is okay... we hit some ice as we were trying to avoid a car on our side that was stuck on the side of the road due to ice as well. We did make it home though and before we stopped in Lacey at my parents house we headed up to Federal Way and picked up a little present for my mom... A cute Black Kitten she named Nikki... We got to go out to Logan's moms and surprise his sister and our niece and nephew (his family didnt know we were coming) then we had Christmas eve as his Grandma's and then we drove over to his Dad's to say hello. THen straight up to Amy's house were we spent the night and Christmas morning my mom got the surprise of her life... She LOVES THE KITTEN! wow i didnt know that she would love her that much! lol... It was so nice to spend all day with the family and go to church and just be with everyone again! i Have missed logan's family so much as well! MOnday morning we went out to Breakfast with Logan's dad and Kit and HIs sister and family. it was so much fun then we got to see Addison, wow i have missed that kid! Then that night we saw Rae.. wow didnt realize being away from my bestfriend is hard as it is! Luckily she came out to visit in Novemeber and hope to come again soon :)!!! We drove home tuesday morning and went back to work Wednesday! Busy holiday but i wouldnt change a thing! We got to go snowboarding on the 2nd of Janurary! WOW the snow here is unbelieveable! WOW LOVE IT! anywho just been hanging around the house and just having a fun time. I have to go to work but i miss and love you all!


Rae Elizabeth said...

AHH!!! Laura I love and miss you guys so much! I hope all is well and I will be calling you tomorrow when I get off work! Love you!

mom said...

Laura, I love this picture. you look so cute. I like the head band. We were all really glad you both came home for christmas too. Love mom