Monday, June 27, 2005

Campin Fun

This weekend was the first weekend Logan and i had together without having to be anywhere or do anything... and we really wanted to go out camping, but since i dont get off until 6 and he wasnt supose to be home until 8, we decieded to camp in the back yard :) it was alot of fun, even though we were both off work by 5! lol... but we still just stayed in the back yard and had alot of fun, then Saturday we went to the montebello's neighborhood garage sale, to say howdy to his dad and step-mom.. then we headed off to the farmers market.. Logan has never been down there, and i had to get him down there... he enjoyed it, we got beef jerky YUMMY! and then we bought like the best snowcone and walked to the water and went up the tower and ate our snowcone just talking and looking around. it was an overall wonderful weekend. Then at church on sunday it was all in Spanish with english translation (our ward is the host ward for the spanish speaking) so this sunday was extra special... the spirit was so strong and so warm... it was so wonderful to have that feeling again and just sit there and listen... then my new calling, Nursry Assistant... i get to play aith the little kids for two hours, and in all honesty it is SO much fun! i had a good time and im happy that i am able to have this calling!! anywho i better be going! talk to you later :)


Rae Elizabeth said...

That's awesome Laura! I wish I had a backyard to camp in!

What are you guys doing for the fourth?

AmyG said...

glad you had fun!