Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Hey you all... im challenging who ever reads this to write about something they regret or wish they would have done sometime in their life. FOr me one thing i regret or wish i had done is ballet as a child. I dont go to ballets or anything, but i love how graceful they are and how strong they are. The dancers have such character and personality. I envy dancers.. i always wish i had gone out and asked my mom for dance classes. i see people on TV dancing or hear about something someone learned at dance class and i admire that person so much more... i think its something im always going to want to do, and if my little girls or even boys wants to dance or anything they want to in their lives im going to encourage them 100% and if they want to quite i only have one rule give it two months, you hate it, then you can stop, but i want them to keep trying though... i took piano lessons and i regret quitting after only a year, but i still know the tricks of the trade i was taught and i dink around sometimes on the piano, but i just hope that my children try to stick with it and just have fun with their passion. So im challenging you to go out and be honest and write what you wish you would have done in your life that you regret or wish you had done, or somethign you want to do in the future... have fun :)


Tammy said...

i would like to learn to swim. i actually took lessons as a young child but after the course the instructor told my mom that i had to go back to beginners. she said no and there went my swimming.

so, still haven't done it, but i'm thinking next summer i'm going to go for it.



Mom said...

You never said you wanted to learn to dance. I would have gotten you lessons, Maybe you wouldn't have been such a tom boy LOL, Love Mom