Thursday, June 16, 2005


Happiness comes in different shapes, styles, things... anything can bring happiness to one and not to another. Happiness is comstumized to each person that it is going to... For most people just talking to somene isnt happiness, but to me.. it is. Just laying in bed and rolling over and start talking to Logan about something that he doesnt even care about, but yet he sits there and listens to the whole thing and then even carrys a conversation on about it, to me that is happiness... it makes me happy knowing that he tries to be envloved in my life.. even if im just talking to him about some show i saw on TV or if i tell him about a new scrapbook thing i made.. he is there supporting me and listening and i LOVE that! Thank you Logan :)... and in return i will forever do the same for you! every baseball game, every thing you want to talk about my eyes and ears are open! i love you :)

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