Saturday, June 18, 2005

My Dad

Posted by Hello Fathers day is tomorrow and i just want to express how much i love my Dad. He has always been there for me no matter what... and i know if i were to ever get into trouble, he'd be there no matter what still... He's strict, which i HATED, but now i understand and love and i know i will be the same way with my own children some day... being strict i use to think was being mean and that he never wanted me to have any fun. but know i realize he was protecting me from the world, he was helping me grow up in saftey and have a great childhood, which i did. My dad would take us kids anywhere and everywhere, camping, swiming, fishing, to Mt. Rainer, to the Ape Caves, to Huricane Ridge for sledding.. in all honesty my dad is a big kid himself... which i admire... he loves to have a good time and play around.. and seeing him with his grandkids just proves it.. he still gets down on knees and hands and plays horsey, and lets the kids help him with something that broke, or has the kids show him what to do on the computer... he is always looking out for the best for everyone, worked and still works long days to make for the family.. he is strong as a brick and soft as a teady bear... he wont admit it to just anyone lol... but he is.. he is a loving husband... through thick and thin he has been hand and hand with my mom.. and the same the other way around... he is a wonderful Son who calls him mom every day to say hello and just see how she is doing.. he is a great brother to his 7 siblings... all around my Dad is perfect... thats all i can say really... my dad, Jim, is a perfect father whom i would never trade for the world!!


Anonymous said...

Laura ,
Thank you very much for your comments although they may be slightly prejudiced on your part I am sure. But one thing is for sure. I do love you. You are a cool person always loving also. That is good.
Love Dad

AmyG said...

Loved this entry, Laura. Glad you see that all that drama with you and dad was because he loves you. :)