Sunday, June 05, 2005

Ride em Cowboy!

Posted by Hello Logan had to sit on the turtle at the zoo... also there was a gorilla that he had to sit on as well... and he did the same pose each time!! I love this picture of him, makes me smile everytime! i love his good nature humor where ever we go and whatever situation we are in he smiles and cracks a joke to make the mood lighter... i love this character trait about him... humor and a sense of one! he makes me smile and laugh at the very moments i try not to, when im mad or sad or fusterated he always there with some remark! thank you honey for everything you are a wonderful husband!!

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Folsom8k said...

Finally! A post devoted to Logan. What a great photo! If riding massive turtles was a legitimate profession, Logan would be at the top of his game!