Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Dream house

Posted by Hello I have so many different styles i like in a house, and this is one of them.. mainly location- Alki beach, right on the beach.. i mean when taking the picture i am standing on sand :)... the color is okay, not my fav. but this looks like a wonderful house to have like two young children, and go walking everyday and jogging... something i think would be great.. i love the feel of this house when i saw it, just warm and fun :).. maybe in a few years ill be able to just rent a house that i tolerate and can raise my children in and just call home, but right now... a room in parents house is home and i like it..as much as i complain to logan i like it.. im close to my parents still and able to see them everyday...


AmyG said...

I oculd see you living somewhere like this someday Laura.

Tammy said...

i think that is a beautiful home! i think about having a dream house of my own as well.

i took a picture of my dream house, it is located in berkeley,ca. definitely a million dollar home that i could never afford to own. :)

but one day i will have my own home!!! So will you!