Friday, June 24, 2005


Fernanda Posted by Hello This year we were blessed with the great experience of having an exchange student live with us for the school year. Fernanda, whom is from Brazil, has become close with our family.. she has been gone for almost two weeks while on vaction with a trip through the program which she came here through. She'll be back in a few days, but then two days later she is gone again to Brazil this time... it was hard explaining to maegan, my 3yr old neice who adores Fernanna (as she says it) but explaining to her on Sunday when she asked "wheres fernnana" i had to tell her that she was on a trip, she'll be back soon, but then we'll have a party then she will have to go home to Brazil. Maegan looked crushed like she was loosing her best friend. It was sad, but i know through emails and everything that we can still stay in touch with one another.. this year has been full of changes for me, and i wish i would have grown even closer with Fernanda, but i think why i kept my guard up a little is that i knew she was going to leave, and when that day came i didnt want to miss her SO much and lose my bestfriend... if i had to do the year over again i would have let my guard down and taken more oppunities to go do stuff or just sit and talk.. but all in all i hope she had a great time living with my family.. they're a great bucnch of nuts :) (LOVE YOU GUYS) so keep in touch Fernanda!!


Rae Elizabeth said...

I will miss Fernanda very, very much too! I love the collage! And you better invite me to the party.

And please show me all this picture/banner blog stuff!

Stephanie said...

I better be invited to this party too!

Laura McGee said...

my mom said its mainly family and she can ask who friends she wants to come