Thursday, June 23, 2005


I couldnt figure out what to write about in here so i called Amy for ideas she didnt have too many good ones, so matthew took over the phone and he had some fun ideas... i think just talking about his ideas is a blog in its self! lol... First idea was write about Logan and Myself. Then about Tucker (our dog) how lazy he is caise he doesnt sit or shake, but he just walks around and around. he also suggested so many other silly little things.. it was super cute.. i love this little guy! hee hee or shall i say big guy.. Mr. Matthew is offically a first grader now! i cant believe it! i remember when he came into this world weeks early! boy did i had a horriable hairday that day lol dont ask! hee hee but lets just say he was a impatient little guy who had to come a few weeks early and whom has grown up to be such a great kid!

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